The Team

TropicalAstral Lda is a private adult education provider and translation company, focused mainly on corporate clients in the Algarve area providing private executive business language lessons. Courses are offered in the major European languages. In addition to language training, TropicalAstral offers translations, proofreading, editing, voice-overs and subtitling.

TropicalAstral has significant in-house experience in educational resource, website creation and mobile application development and content building. The owner and key employee of TropicalAstral has also created the teachers’ tool website “The Language Menu”, which has a member base of around 33,000 teachers worldwide. This technical and creative expertise is also a key contribution that TropicalAstral can bring to a project.

While TropicalAstral is a newly incorporated company, it has staff working from many different countries, all which have previously been involved in EU projects in the past.

Teaching material made by TropicalAstral staff can be found (free of charge) in different languages on, TeachersPayTeachers, SlideShare and many other platforms on the internet.

Nazilli Public Education Center is an adult education center serving 5000 trainees with approximately 100 trainers per year. Our center is the only state Public Education Center serving in Nazilli since 1973. 60 percent of our .trainees are university students who come to our center to get certification in order to find a job, 20 percent are unemployed citizens over the age of thirty from disadvantaged groups, the rest are retirees who want to adapt to their new lives more easily, educators who want to receive in-service training and the immigrants and disabled individuals who aim to integrate the society faster. With some courses on handicrafts, sports, arts, music, language, computers, literacy, sports, traditional-modern arts and theater, the center aims to apply to non-formal education programs for people of all ages and all levels of education to increase their life skills in learning and business activities. The Center also works in partnership with other non-governmental organizations to increase the quality of life of the target group, to increase the welfare of the society, and to reveal their energies and creativity.Over time, the institution has developed itself in the branches of literacy courses, vocational and technical courses, social and cultural courses, pre-school mother-child and family education, non-course educational activities and started to provide intensive non-formal education services. In addition to these activities, the works and procedures of Open Primary School, Open High School, Open Vocational and Technical High School, Open Vocational High School are also carried out in the institution.

Approximately 1000 various courses have been opened in the institution since 2005 and more than 10000 certificates have been given. In addition, tens of thousands of people participated in extracurricular educational activities.

With the development of technology, trainees have been given the opportunity to apply for Online Registration over the internet.

Gestión Estratégica e Innovación is an adult training centre specialized in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership, in Spain. Their Mission is to strengthen personal development through leadership training and personal and professional skills, and to promote entrepreneurship through the development of tools, training resources and support. GEINNOVA is a reference point at European level in the educational and social field to help people, regardless of age, gender or economic situation, to achieve a successfull personal and professional life.

NGO “Debesu sala” is non-governmental organisation founded in Lithuania by volunteers with experience in European projects such as Erasmus+, Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci Partnership, Nordplus and Youth in Action. “Debesu sala” started with organisation of different seminars and workshops in art, crafts, media, etc. Provides lifelong learning for disadvantaged people – unemployed, people in age 50+, low educated and people without professions with the aim to motivate these people to learn and make them active and not socially excluded. LLP is one of the opportunities to participate in the trainings, to share knowledge, skills and experiences, to communicate with other people and to learn new skills for possible future jobs or business. It is also chance to learn more about people from other cultures with the same problems and to find together solutions how to solve common problems.
There are professional educators, trainers, artists, journalist among “Debesu sala” members. Member of the board Daine Rinkeviciute will be key person in this project. She has background in project management in VET school, works as facilitator in local society Žemieji Šančiai and as trainer and manager in NGO since 1997. Daine Rinkeviciute will do administrative tasks. Director of NGO Jonas Danielevicius is teacher of photography. He is providing course of professional photography for Kaunas and Vilnius unemployed people.

Promoting Learning in Adult Education by the Digital Tools is an Erasmus+ project.

This project is funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Project No: 2021-2-PT01-KA210-ADU-000049637. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.